Anthony Banks | Theatre Director  

The Experiment by Mark Ravenhill

Soho Theatre / Berliner Ensemble July - October 2010

A one man show written and performed by Mark Ravenhill. 

Music & Sound Nick Powell 


Smiling wolfishly, Mark Ravenhill performs his own monologue The Experiment, under Anthony Banks's direction. Crammed with slippery language, it evokes a vortex of atrocity from fairytales to Mengele and Medea.

The Times

Mark Ravenhill keeps things creepy in his monologue, The Experiment, in which he plays the satiny-voiced, slippery narrator. Somebody - though it's unclear exactly who - has experimented on a child to find a cure for a fatal disease. The story, and the narrator's level of complicity, keeps shifting. Ravenhill asks us to consider which version, if any, might be acceptable, and how much we might be willing to avert our eyes from for the greater good.

The Independent